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Kalinda is a hot Russian that loves public sex and will do anything to satisfy her man. When he proposed to fuck her on the hood of his car she just hoped on and took off her clothes for him. Her round small tits were glowing in the sun and her tight ass was sticked to the car. He picked up her legs and put them around his neck and squeezed her boobs while pressing his cock to her wet pussy. She felt that huge dick entering inside her and he fucked her like a real man.

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Don’s girl was a little reticent about public sex when he first told her but he took her on the seaside on sunset. There he started kissing her and caressing her hot body until she relaxed and let him take off her clothes. Then he started to massage her round firm tits and to rub her clit until her tight pussy got all wet. He bent her over and kissed her ass and then he sticked his cock into her pussy slow and fast until she had an amazing orgasm.

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What better place for a quick and good public sex if not the parking lot? Jen a hot mom from suburbs is having an affair with her hot driver. He just drove her home and as a thank you Jen got out of the car wearing nothing on her tight sexy ass. She unzipped his pants and grabbed his huge dick that she loved so much and pressed it against her wet pussy. She sat in the doggy style and he penetrated her from behind right in front of her house.

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Jade and her boyfriend are out on a walk in the woods when she gets a kinky idea. She takes his hand and puts it on her round tits asking if some public sex would be nice. He gets all worked up when she kneels in front of him and starts sucking the life out of his dick. She lifts her skirt and starts rubbing her clit while sucking on his dick then lays down and opens her legs. He penetrates her deep and long and starts moving fast until they both cum at the same time.

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How a good picnic would be for me? Well first is the food but then is all about a hot sexy blonde that is a bit kinky and loves to have public sex. I would start caressing her entire body and then I’d reveal her big tits from under the dress. I’d start sucking on her nipples while my hand would get off the underwear and I’d be free to play with her pussy. Then I’d get on top of her and I’d fuck her wet pussy and I’d cum inside her. That’s what I call a good picnic!

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Nothing is more exciting like the thrill you get when you’re having public sex! I love to get my dick sucked on the street and the excitement is even bigger knowing that we can get caught. I would love to see a sexy girl kneeling in front of me, slowly unzipping my pants and then to feel her smooth lips on my cock while I’m pinned to a wall. I would love to let her make me explode only with her lips and hands and to cum all over her face at the end.

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You know that hot girl you always dreamed of? She doesn’t really cares for you does she? Ask her if she will like to have public sex with you on the nearest construction site. You could show her the time of her life! Sex is fun and that is how it should be. You just have to find the best spot and then get her naked and ready for the action. While you will fuck her tight pussy until she screams for pleasure you’ll know for sure that you did it!

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Why always use the bed for sex or even worst do it alone in front of the TV when there are a lot of girls out there that love to have public sex? Find a girl you like and take her into a garden behind a wall or something and there fuck her brains out. First warm her up by licking her boobs and then grab her small sexy ass and rub her clit between your fingers. When she’s all wet and ready stick your dick into her pussy and fuck her like a man!

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Leslie is a hot teenager that loves to have public sex with strange men she meets on the street. I met her on the Second street and she asked me if I wanted a fuck. Hell yeah! I pinned her to the concrete wall and started rubbing those sexy tits while I was kissing her neck and breasts. She was hot and ready and grabbed my dick like a pro. She sucked me until i couldn’t bear any more and then I picked her up, pinned her sexy but to the wall and fucked her until she had her best orgasm ever!

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To have sex just on the roadside and to not care if anybody can see you is the most fulfilling sex experience I’ve ever had. I usually love to have public sex but I didn’t do it like this. Last summer my new sexy girlfriend bent over into the car and I just couldn’t resist anymore. I lifted up her skirt and sticked my tongue into that hot pussy of hers. She protested at the beginning but then she really liked it. I really fucked her pussy there on the roadside!

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Elly met her boyfriend on the street and she felt that she must have him there so the idea of some hot public sex occurred. They found a more quiet corner where she lifted her skirt up. She was not wearing any underwear and that got him very excited. She unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick while he was caressing her sexy but and her pussy. He sticked his cock into her pussy from behind and fucked her pussy as hard and as fast as possible until she got an explosive orgasm.

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A good hot public sex party gives you the extreme satisfaction. I love having wild sex in barns and in cars. I took my sexy secretary on a trip to the country and I showed her the barn. She just loved the hot sex we had in there. I grabbed her from behind, I ripped the clothes off her body and bent her over. She opened her legs and let me lick her hot pussy until she was very wet. Then I sticked my huge cock inside her pussy and I fucked her brains out.


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